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It sounds like you may be grinding or clenching your teeth while you are sleeping. Grinding is most commonly done while sleeping and clenching can occur any time of the day. The dangers of grinding and clenching, is not only jaw pain, but you also wear away your tooth structure. If you think you may grind or clench your teeth, then come in to see us. We have a couple treatment options: wearing a night guard or Botox treatment. A night guard is a small oral appliance that prevents grinding and clenching. Botox is injected into the jaw muscle to help relax the jaw muscle and prevent grinding and clenching. If you’re interested in either treatment, please schedule an appointment with any of our doctors so we can create a custom treatment plan for you!
Over time, the silver fillings crack and pull away from the tooth, which creates multiple areas of microleakage. Bacteria is able to get under and around the fillings through this microleakage and this is when we recommend replacing your silver fillings. When replacing your silver fillings, we will remove the silver fillings and any cavity in the tooth, then a tooth colored filling will be placed in the cavity free tooth!
Please call Scarlet Dental to schedule an appointment as soon as possible. If you’ve just had dental work done, such as a filling or crown, and it hurts when you chew, then that new filling or crown needs adjusted because your bite is probably off. If this discomfort is not addressed, then over time it can severely traumatize the tooth, so the sooner you come in to have it addressed, the better!
At Scarlet Dental, we encourage children of all ages to visit our office! We believe that it is important for children to be comfortable at the dentist’s office and to have fun so that they want to come back! With the excessive amount of sugar in drinks and snacks today, we recommend for children to come in for a dental exam once their first teeth erupt.
Yes, yes, and yes! An electric toothbrush removes more plaque and build up then a regular toothbrush. An electric toothbrush is also highly recommended if you have dexterity issues, if you have the tendency to brush to hard, or if your regular toothbrush simply bores you! Schedule an appointment if you would like to learn more and discuss your options!
Yes you can! Invisalign is an orthodontic product that moves teeth with CLEAR aligners. Dr. Vincer is an elite Invisalign provider! Set up a FREE Invisalign consultation today!

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